How to reprogram your pattern of thoughts or beliefs

Como reprogramar tu patrón de pensamientos o creencias

Reprogramming your pattern of thoughts or beliefs (especially when you are an entrepreneur) is one of the most complicated things to do, there is always talk of reprogramming your pattern of thoughts or replacing beliefs but almost nobody can explain how it can be done.

Well, there is a 6 step formula to achieve this that is “Awakening the Giant Within” by Tony Robbins.

Steps to reprogram your thought pattern?

  1. Analyze what you want and what has prevented you from achieving it. Focus on what you want and stop thinking about what you don’t want, that is, stop thinking about excuses.
  2. Create the motivation to do it urgently. Link great pleasure with achievement and associate great pain with not achieving it, that is, exaggerate well-being when you are working for it and exaggerate discomfort when you are delaying it.
  3. Disrupt the pattern of thought. Stop thinking negatively (“I am poor”, “my team is going to lose”) and recreate a different ending (“I am looking for the means to have more money”, “we are going to laugh a lot, win or lose the team because I will share with my friends”). Give a different ending to the same situation.
  4. Implement an attractive method that produces the same benefits of the old habit but now associating it with the new habit to replace the one you want to disappear. For example, if you are one of those who says that “without coffee I can do nothing” you can try to drink tea or exercise and thus substitute one habit for another that gives you the same benefit: it wakes you up.
  5. Condition yourself, that is, visualize alternative actions with emotional intensity when you repeat the positive benefits of the new habit. That way you are focusing on reinforcing the benefits of the new habit and rewarding yourself with new patterns of behavior.
  6. Check that the programming is adequate. Visualizing the situation that frustrated or bothered you in the past and if you have followed the previous steps in the correct way will result in a different feeling and you will see it with a different perspective.

When you change your pattern of thoughts your feelings change, when your feelings change, your actions change and when your actions change you will achieve different results.

Everything you want to achieve or the great desires of life, you are looking for the sensation that you are wanting to feel and that right now you do not feel. Material possessions and personal relationships are the means to achieve a desired emotional state.

Therefore, if we take into account that we really want in life, it is to feel better and convinced that we want to create a certain emotion, we must act physically as if we were already there, taking into account that what we decide to focus on becomes our perception of the reality.

Therefore, if we focus on things that have not happened yet, but we are taking that action that will give us the result that will make us feel good, we will already be feeling good in advance. Take into account that the same thing can happen when we focus on bad or negative things that may or may not happen, we will feel bad from the moment we think about it.

But, how to change this way of thinking?

One tool is questions. Questions allow you to focus on what to think, since the thought process is based on questions and answers.

If the question you are currently asking yourself is “Why don’t I have money?” “Why not …” you are focusing on NO. The formulation of the question should be changed without changing the context and the questions would remain of the type “How can I get money?” “How can I achieve …” Now the focus is positive and you are looking for options to achieve something that you know you can achieve, instead of resigning yourself to not having things or not achieving things.

This small change motivates us and connects new areas of the brain since it forces you to look for the options of achievement, it has as a consequence that you change the way you feel, the actions change since you will know what to do and achieve the results you want feeling like you want to feel from the beginning of the process. With the gain of having created new neural connections capable of expanding your speed and variability of thought only thinking about what you want and how to achieve it.

In the morning think or write the questions correctly and in the afternoon make a recount of what you have done in the day to achieve your purpose.

I hope this little reprogramming analysis taken from the first chapter of Tony Robbins’ book can serve you and it can make a change of focus on you so that you achieve everything you want to achieve.

Final advice: read the book or listen to an audiobook of this book or look for good blogs like this 😁

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