How to start something

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Saying or trying to say how to start something is not as simple as it sounds.

When we set ourselves a project, a goal or an objective, for example learning Digital Marketing, programming, a personal project, reading a book, etc, at that moment, we begin to fight against many things within us.

Here are some things that limit us when we decide to start something.

The ideas, the purposes, the goals, the projects arrive and behind them come an army of buts wanting to sabotage our moment of inspiration.

Today March 14, 2020 is a very special day, because Xigmad and Xigmad Academy are celebrating their first two years, but to get to today many other years of learning, dreams, planning and hard work have passed.

Today we are launching this platform to the public, but getting to today needed to break the inertia several years ago, stop doing anything and start acting.

Identifying the problem is the first step: inaction. I have the idea, I have the motivation but I have a lot of excuses that prevent me from starting my own projects.

Here are some things that limit us when we decide to start something.

  • Imagination: when we have too many ideas and we don’t know how to prioritize which one to do because we want to do them all.
    • Prioritize. There are many techniques to prioritize, in future articles we can talk about them. I will quickly describe one of the simplest. The to-do list. It consists of making a list of things you want or need to do. Also in the Scrum course we will explain in detail another tool called Kanban.
  • Procrastination: “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Leave it all for later.
    • Everything goes through a mental process. And it is quite difficult to beat.
    • You have to have a decision.
    • Take action TODAY. If you leave it for tomorrow, tomorrow you will not do that, I assure you.
  • Laziness: “it is very complex or complicated, I better not do it.” Leave all the work to others.
    • Simple and fun tasks.
    • Set schedules.
    • Find your minimum acceptable comfort.
  • Insecurity: “Could it be that I can do it?” “I do not know”. Afraid. Excuses
    • Believe it.
    • Stay away from bad advisers and prepare for them.
    • Emotional intelligence (That we will talk a lot about that in other materials).
  • Perfectionism: “I have to have everything to do it.” “It’s not going to be perfect if I don’t have this or that.”
    • Start whatever.
    • It won’t be perfect, but do it.
    • A day that you lose is impossible to recover.

These are just some that we have when we want to start something and we are not sure how. We have these things in mind, in the end we do nothing and overcoming each of those things is not as easy as it seems. One video is not enough, not twenty, you need to move.

Other important tips

  • Train yourself: study and learn every day what you love to do, even if you are a teacher never stop learning, because times change and we have to change with it.Get better at every step.
  • Teach: When you explain what you know, you gain confidence. Be a teacher and you will see how you will grow.
  • Quality: worry about improving every day, about improving your processes, about doing things right, about being the best.

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