What is Xigmad?

Xigmad is technological wisdom. We are a company dedicated to promoting the personal and corporate development of our clients through high-quality IT solutions.


Our mission is to improve the world by helping people, entrepreneurs and companies to grow through technology. Thanks to our experience, we are able to turn entrepreneurs into businessmen and businesses into companies with solid brands in the minds of their clients.

Xigmad Academy

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Xigmad Academy is an education platform dedicated to digital entrepreneurs. We believe in education as a factor for change in personal, professional and social growth.

You can learn today:

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Xigmad Consulting

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We create customized solutions for your business. At Xigmad Consulting we have an approach geared towards your needs and a deep-rooted commitment to working with quality using agile work methodologies to guarantee early results of great value.


Xigmad Hosting

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At Xigmad Hosting we help SMEs and entrepreneurs to host their website. Premium quality servers, with high traffic capacity and scalability, to allow your website to grow at the pace of your business. We also provide training and technical advice so you can manage your own server in an optimal way.


Xigmad Media

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Just having a presence is not enough, social networks are the face of your brand on the Internet. At Xigmad Media we help you create and consolidate your brand with the most effective Marketing and Social Media strategies for the growth of your business. Networks are powerful growth tools in the hands of experts.



Here are some of the brands that trust us and have managed to grow thanks to our experience and knowledge.

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